She taught me so much about investing!

"Stephanie has been AMAZING to work with! She taught me so much about investing in such a comprehensive and manageable format. Not only do I feel like a knowledgeable investor after working with Stephanie, but I feel more confident in my money mindset, working toward my savings goals, negotiating, and "finding" money in my life. I highly recommend working with her!"

- Victoria - 

From the very first call I felt encouraged and confident

"I needed Stephanie's help with taking my investments to a new level. From the very first call I felt encouraged and confident that with her help I'll be able to navigate this more complicated environment and take advantage of new investment products. I took the course with my husband and we both enjoyed it and already implemented a plan that gives us peace of mind and satisfaction from the fact our money is working as hard as we are."

- Agnes - 

I strongly recommend working and learning with her!

"I feel so grateful to have met Stephanie, and to have the opportunity to learn from her! She is not only very knowledgeable and experienced in what she does but also a truly wonderful human being that is genuinely passionate about empowering and educating others. She offers a wealth of information and resources to take your finances and investing into your own hands. I strongly recommend working and learning with her!"

- Roxana


Victoria Achieved Tangible Results 

Within one month of working with me, Victoria uncovered almost $2000.00 that was available to her. She learned the basics of investing, opened her own accounts, and is on track to meet her financial goals.

“It was a pleasure getting to collaborate with Stephanie on bringing to life our brand’s philanthropic program. Her workshops were informative and relatable. She made the topic of finances so easy to grasp. But more important than anything, Stephanie was able to move our crowd of female entrepreneurs who attended and really made them feel empowered. We could not have asked for a better finance coach to do this with!”


Shari Nowroozi

Integrated Communications Leader | Lancôme Canada | L’Oréal Canada 

Genuinely Cares!

"Stephanie genuinely cares about people to ensure they understand their options for investment without being overwhelming. Stephanie has participated in a Wellness Seminar that I host. She has a very comfortable, light approach when presenting. I would without hesitation recommend Stephanie Wolfe for the great customer service, quality of service, and insight she provides."

- Kim 

Empower Us!

"Our Women’s Network was extremely fortunate to have Stephanie come in and empower us to be FIERCE and TAKE CONTROL of our finances!"

- Divya - 

Share in a simple way!

"When I first got in touch with Stephanie I had no idea where to begin. I knew that my finances needed attention but it seemed like such an overwhelming and daunting task. Once we began to work through her comprehensive steps, I felt an immediate sense of relief. Working with Stephanie made me understand and take back control of MY MONEY.  Stephanie’s background really gives her insight that she is able to share in a simple way. For that reason, I highly recommend her services."

- Malinda - 


Debt Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Invest

Jasmine was able to start investing while paying off debt and increased her net worth by $3000.00 within 90 days.  She has established a solid monthly routine for reaching her financial goals and is now a confident investor!

She showed me how investing is actually not terrifying

"I knew I "needed" to invest but I was terrified to even think of it. I had no practical knowledge at all. Stephanie held my hand the entire way. She showed me how investing is actually not terrifying when you understand it. She explains everything so simply and elegantly. She makes you feel at ease about asking questions. Her lessons are to the point, professional and not overwhelming at all. Now I feel confident in managing my own finances, creating my own plans, and making my own choices. If you need someone to teach you about investing, she is simply the best!"

- Anastasia - 

Stephanie has been tremendously helpful

"Before working with Stephanie I was interested in investing but I was overwhelmed with the investing world and what the best options were for me. Stephanie has been tremendously helpful in helping me understand and navigate the investing world. After her course I feel significantly more confident and knowledgeable in investing. She is such a pleasure to work with."

- Adriana - 

She provided a solid foundation to help me understand the basics

"I truly enjoyed taking this course with Stephanie. She provided a solid foundation to help me understand the basics of investing and the importance of investing for women. Her passion for this subject and genuine desire to help women came through at every step. I especially appreciate all of the tools and takeaways that come with the course. I will definitely be revisiting the videos and resources as I continue to build my foundation and take steps into investing in my future. Thanks Stephanie! "

- Cami - 


Amanda Increased Her Net Worth By $6,537

Within 5 weeks of working with me, Amanda was able to eliminate over $10K in interest debt payments. Her debt management is on track because she did the work and is committed to the process, as well as improving her money mindset.  Incredible results!

I would absolutely recommend all women take this course

"Working with Stephanie was truly a life-altering decision. I used to feel really intimidated by investments, interest rates, stock markets, etc. Trying to take the first step towards growing my money, or saving for retirement felt like I was facing a steep mountain. The course material, and Stephanie's way of explaining things both on video and in our live sessions was down to earth, easy to understand, and resulted in my confidence and excitement surrounding my financial goals growing with each module. I would absolutely recommend all women take this course. It's truly empowering to realize that it's actually pretty easy to reach your financial goals! We just need the knowledge, and this course provides it all!"

- Stephanie 

After working with Stephanie, everything JUST MAKES SENSE!

"I’d been investing for a few years but I wasn’t really sure if what I was doing was right. After working with Stephanie, everything JUST MAKES SENSE now. She explains everything so easily and I it was so nice to finally be able to ask questions about money stuff without feeling awkward. I’m so grateful to have found her and I highly recommend working with her if you are ready to get your money sh*t together!"

- Jennifer - 

She took the time to break everything down in language and terms

"Being financially independent was something I had been eager to accomplish as a part of my goals in 2019. When I found Stephanie, I knew I found the right gal for the job. Her plethora of valuable knowledge and ability to be completely non-judgmental and open to even the smallest questions gave me endless comfort and it allowed me to become completely vulnerable with her about my finances. She took the time to break everything down in language and terms that I understood. Having completed Stephanie’s coaching program, I feel completely empowered and I look to the future with the ability to reach my financial goals. I went from illiterate to investor!"

- Aneta - 


“The Course I Didn’t Know I Needed”

Mary had a clear goal in mind when we started working together and she was committed to the process.  She was able to consolidate several accounts, organize her financial and investing goals, and created her own investment portfolios.  She made a huge amount of progress in a short period of time!

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