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1:1 90-Minute Accelerator Wealth Coaching - LEARN MORE
1:1 90-Day Investing Foundations Program - LEARN MORE

1:1 90-Minute Accelerated Coaching

In 90 minutes, we will intensively dive into your current financial plans.  The goal here is to build a constructive plan for you to have in your hand so you know exactly how to manage and invest your money.   

This 90-minute session is a powerful way to get one-on-one coaching without the long-term commitment.

You Will: 

 Gain access to the Investment Accelerator Course

 Identify where you need to focus to reach your goals

 Create a blueprint of your financial plans and how to get there

 Know the basic tools to help you move forward

This is For:

Independent learners who have good money management skills in place

DIY investors who want a second opinion on their financial plans

Anyone who wants to save time and money trying to figure out how to start investing


Onboarding Questionnaire

Proprietary Investment Accelerator Workbook

90-Minute Wealth Coaching Zoom Call

Access to the Investment Accelerator Course

Follow up Email


If you’re an individual looking for some one-on-one help with your finances and investing knowledge, I can help you. Book Your discovery call with me today.

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1:1 90-Day Investing Foundations Program

The proven coaching program that helps ambitious women bring their richest goals to life in 90 days

Over three months, we get intimate with your finances and identify specific areas of intensive focus. By establishing goals, fears, and the “missing links”, we will deep dive into your money mindset and money management tools. 

We blend 1:1 coaching with investment strategy and personal finance education to get clarity on what you need to achieve your wealth building goals.

This is For:

✓ Women who have struggled to get ahead with their financial situation and are not sure where to focus to achieve positive results 

 Women who earn a good income and want to create a financial blueprint that will help them achieve their richest life goals

 Entrepreneurs and small business owners ready to learn how to pay themselves and income now and invest for their future

 Anyone who is ready to level up their lifestyle and get clarity on how to invest with confidence


Onboarding Kit + Questionnaire

3 Months of Intimate Financial Coaching Specifically Designed For Your Needs

60-minute Zoom Meeting 2x a Month

Access to the Investment Accelerator Course + Proprietary Workbook 

Homework, Resources, Worksheets



Financial coaching is about your money mindset and personal growth.  This is what you can expect when we work together: 

  1. We have a 20-minute discovery call so we can be sure that our values align and your needs are a good fit for the program. This is critical to your success! (and it’s free).
  2. You decide what level of coaching is right for your financial situation. We do this together and make sure you are a go. 
  3. You receive a customized Welcome Kit and book your onboarding call.
  4. You start your homework and book your on-going 1:1 coaching calls with me. We meet 2 x a month. 

It’s a simple process but achieves phenomenal results. I work with women who are ready to build their richest life but aren’t quite sure where to focus or how to start.  But, before anyone commits to anything, we have to have the conversation. 

Book the consult, it’s free!  If it doesn’t work for you, no problem.  At the very least, we get to meet.


Take a peek inside the Investment Accelerator course!

You’re 90 days away from being stronger and smarter financially than you’ve ever been.


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