Bitcoin for Beginners Course 

The ultimate tutorial program to help you learn, invest, and grow your wealth in Bitcoin, without the overwhelm of jargon and tech talk.

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Who is this course for?

The Bitcoin for Beginners Course is for you if:

You’ve been buying Bitcoin for a little while, but you’re not sure if you’re doing it “the right way” and you’re tired of second-guessing your decisions.

You’ve heard a lot about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies but you are afraid of making a mistake and want someone to help you get started.

You’re a DIY investor who has done some research on Bitcoin, but you’re still confused about how it can work as an investment strategy and want to learn more.

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If that’s you, you’re not alone.
Wouldn’t it be nice to: 

 Have clarity, direction, and an action plan to start investing in Bitcoin and avoid making common rookie mistakes?

 Gain a deeper understanding of a revolutionary technology and how it will impact the future?

 Build generational wealth and financial equality as we enter a new world of investing and finance?

 Confidently call yourself a “Bitcoiner”!

If that’s something you’re looking for, here’s how you can do it….


Bitcoin for Beginners Course

 An all-in-one program for women who want a quick and easy way to learn how to invest in Bitcoin in only a few hours. 

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Meet your Course Creator

If we haven’t met before….

My name is Stephanie and I’m going to teach you how to invest in Bitcoin.

I believe that Bitcoin marks the beginning of a new age of digital sovereignty and will empower wealth equality for all.  But I also understand how confusing cryptocurrency can be when you’re just starting out.  There’s a lot of fear-based headlines and technical terms thrown about when it comes to Bitcoin, but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ve spent years coaching women to confidently build wealth without the overwhelm. Just like any investment decision you make, it’s important to know what you buy, and this applies to Bitcoin as well.  My goal with the Bitcoiner for Beginners course is to help you understand what bitcoin is, how to buy and store it safely, and how to use it to build wealth. 

What is covered in the course?

Pillar 1: What is Bitcoin?

After a brief session about the history of money, you'll learn how Bitcoin was born. We’ll explore topics like the Bitcoin blockchain, decentralization, and the network that makes Bitcoin the OG of all cryptocurrencies. Plus, you’ll finally understand how to speak Bitcoin slang with a explainer cheat sheet and course downloads.

Pillar 2: How do you buy Bitcoin?

It’s a volatile asset class, so how do you know when to buy it? Don’t stress. Learn about the different types of exchanges available and how to manage your Bitcoin investments at tax time.

Pillar 3: How to Store Your Bitcoin

If you decide that Bitcoin is an asset class you’d like to invest in, you must learn how self-custody works.  There’s a number of ways to store your Bitcoin and you want to be sure you’re doing it correctly. This pillar includes additional third-party links and resources.

Pillar 4: Privacy & Security

Verify, don’t trust - this is a Bitcoin mantra.  Be sure you’re taking the right steps to secure your wealth for the future. We cover off the basics and then some when it comes to securing your privacy.

Pillar 5: Wealth Creation Strategy

Once you’ve nailed the foundational elements of Bitcoin, it’s time for you to create a personal strategy for Bitcoin success. Download your worksheet to create a personalized roadmap to organize your financial future.

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Get excited! This course is packed with resources and support to start your Bitcoin investment journey.

I don’t believe in long, boring videos that offer no value or concepts that are too hard to implement.  Bitcoin for Beginners is designed to accelerate your knowledge in a one-stop shop so you can
take action immediately and invest in this asset class with confidence.

The Bitcoin ecosystem is big and it continues to evolve.  This course will give you the foundation you need to continue your Bitcoin journey for years to come. All the lessons have additional resources for further reading and self-education.

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

Yes! I’m ready to build wealth with Bitcoin!