The founder of Wolfe Collective Wealth, certified financial counsellor, speaker, wife, mom, and passionate money educator.

I’m obsessed with helping ambitious women take control of their money, learn to invest, and confidently bring their richest goals to life.


I believe in creating a safe space to learn about money, without feeling guilt or shame for your current financial situation.  I believe in using language that makes sense, without the jargon and confusion. And I believe you can live your richest life, gain clarity and confidence when it comes to investing, and having a plan in place for a secure financial future brings peace of mind.

I transformed my financial life after spending 15 years working for the world’s largest financial firms.  What I’ve learned has helped me live debt-free, start a business, and invest for a secure financial future, and I’m on a mission to help ambitious women bring their richest goals to life in 90 days or less.

Because when we get honest about our dreams and money, there’s nothing that can stop us. 

It’s time to step into your dreams and live your richest life.

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The day I decided to take matters into my own hands

I remember sitting at my desk on the 25th floor in the heart of the financial district in Toronto. The data from the research report glared at me. For 15 years I had been reviewing the investment trends of Canadians. And each year, the data on women never changed. Women were not investing at the same rate as men and were lagging behind men when it comes to wealth creation.

It was clear that the financial industry wasn’t serving women in a way that was meaningful to them. I had an idea: what if I could inspire women to own their wealth creation?

The conversation that changed me

I made it a point to start asking my girlfriends about their investing habits. Out for dinner one evening, I heard things like:

  • "I don’t want to ask questions because I’m supposed to know the answer already, right?"
  • "How do I know if what they’re telling me is true? Am I supposed to put blind faith and trust into what they tell me?"
  • "I become overwhelmed when they start to talk to me because I don’t understand what they’re saying."

Wine flowed and the conversation continued until one friend simply stated:

"I want to learn what I need to know so I can make the right decisions when it comes to my money."

It was so simple but so true. At that moment, I decided to build a solution that served busy women so they could become empowered and confident in their money decisions.

The brave leap  

I spoke with my husband about my big idea, and he was fully supportive. I became accredited as a financial counselor and got to work.

What I discovered is that my clients weren’t their money or investing because they were afraid of risk, it was because they didn’t understand the risk.

Money is power, and as soon as a woman has clarity about her finances, she takes action.

The Investing Foundations Formula was born


I believe that the collective wealth of women will improve the collective wealth of the world.

I created a solution for women who are short on time, but ready to live their richest life. My unique approach educates as well as coaches women to reach their financial goals in 90 days or less. I’m honored to witness the transformation that takes place with each woman I work with. It’s what motivates me each and every day and I’m so grateful to do what I do.

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